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This bra detects breast cancer: could revolutionize cancer screening

Students at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland are working on a smart bra that aims to prevent and detect cancer early, according to From the article index.

In our country, approximately two thousand women die of the disease every year, although if it is recognized in time, nine out of ten cases can be cured.

This bra helps detect breast cancer

The bra that Swiss university students dream of, Hugo Vuillet, one of the team’s students, said in the university’s press release, would offer the wearer a regular, non-invasive and painless monitoring method.

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Instead of the x-ray preparation technology common in mammography, the SmartBra relies on an ultrasound system, in which ultrasound waves are emitted by electrical sensors placed in underwear. The sensors are activated by simple pressure and using various ultrasound waves to check for potential cancer cells. If the system detects a suspicious cell block, it warns the wearer.

However, according to the working group on the bra, that’s not all, the device can also help with prevention with some development. By emitting low-dose ultrasound waves, SmartBra can stimulate the self-destruction of cancer cells.

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The first target audience for the smart bra will be women who already have breast cancer. They can monitor the progress of their disease with the help of the device. Genetically weak women can benefit greatly from a bra. They are the second target audience.

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