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This happened to us because of the VAR – Ferenc Horvath after 1-4 –

In Saturday’s match of the first round of NB I football, rookie Debreceni VSC surprisingly defeated BB Honved by a score of 4-1. This is how the coaches were evaluated after the meeting.


According to Ferenc Horvat, the VAR scored 4 goals for Honved (Photo: Xaba Dumutor)

DVSC Principal Instructor, Szabolcs Huszti He admitted that his team played two opposing halves.

“If Honvéd had led to a three or a zero in the first, we wouldn’t have said a word. The opponent worked on a lot of situations, I panicked at the back, we were playing and we could say we started the NB I season on NB II. However, I liked the reaction when we entered the field in the second half. The guys believed in themselves, we had something to win on the field, so I’m glad we were able to collect the three points.”

Revealed: Not much has changed during the break, he said, heads moved to first class.

“We went to them more aggressively, scored very good goals, but this was already typical for us in NB II. One game, on the other hand, is not reliable: if we got to three zero, we wouldn’t have to bury the team either, and now we haven’t won my league. Champions, it was only one match many matches. I hope the sequel will be similar.”

Finally, he was also asked about his relationship with Balázs Dzsudzsák, who scored a penalty kick.

“He is a leader, I can only say positives about him. We are friends off the field because we were roommates in the national team. But when it is a match, I am his coach, we both know that.”

SZABOLCS HUSZTI press release

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Budapest Honved coach, Ferenc Horvat He started with his team playing the first half very well.

“We could have defined the match. All we wanted was seated: we were active and fast, we had a lot of positions and angles, we had the ball. If we kicked another one, things would be different. It is difficult to talk about the second half, whether VAR technology is now useful or unhelpful and interesting. Who decides what to look at again? Why didn’t Clement’s first yellow card look back? Before the third goal, why didn’t they look back to see if the ball was in front of him? They are breaking a hundred year old tradition with this. The game is constantly up and running, and VAR technology will take as long as it will return. I think that made the whole football completely unnecessary. It used to be my opinion, now in a big way, because things happened to us because of the VAR. The team wanted to win until the last minute, everyone put themselves in, and you can see in the team he’s in good shape, going forward, Honved was different than he was.”

It was suggested to him that he could be seen in a quarter of an hour before the show: another Honved appeared in the second half, who was already busy defending at that time.

“Honvéd became different from the reality of showing a man, it was a double punishment because it was accompanied by a penalty. It wasn’t easy to tackle, we got another one and then there was a frantic all-or-nothing rush.” I saw the situation for a moment just looking back, hit the ball with his elbow, so even an extra penalty… He didn’t look for the ball, turned around, and hit his elbow. Therefore, awarding such a punishment to a team is not necessarily fair.”

Frenk Horvoth Press Release

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Football NB I, 2021-2022
round 1
BP Honvéd – Debreceni VSC 1-4
Budapest, Buzek Arena, 3257 view. Drove: Bognar
Gulzerzo: Of which (36.), consecutive. Dzodzak (60. -11), Barani (65.), Bevardi (83.), Ugray (90 + 5.)
issued: Clemens (59)