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This is how dry shampoo affects the health of your hair

When do we use it?

There are often situations in everyday life where at the last minute we are invited somewhere where it is important to be well-meaning and beautiful, but we no longer have time to wash our hair. In these cases, the real SOS lotion can be a dry shampoo, thanks to which it is immediately May our hair look fresh and clean!

It is important to note that dry shampoo is not a substitute for washing your hair, it only pushes it out and it is recommended to wash your hair as soon as possible after use. No matter how effective dry shampoo is, it can have long-term side effects.

What does dry shampoo contain?

Dry shampoo – which offers a wide range of makeup. hu Web Store – for the most part contains starch, which is able to absorb the sebum sticking to the scalp and hair, makes our hair look fresh. However, starch also dries out hair, so regular use is not recommended.

Its composition often includes:

  • Rice, corn or oatmeal.
  • Potato or rice starch.
  • dry cosmetic clay – white, blue, green, pink or black;
  • talc.
  • perfume – to feel extra fresh;

Certain components are added to some species, such as vitamins, panthenol, essential oils, antibacterial components, beneficial plant extracts, mineral salts and valuable fatty acid compounds to soften the effect of dried starch, and perfumes enhance the effect of freshly washed hair.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

  • Dry shampoo can be a real lifeline in unexpected situations, taking just a few minutes cleaner and fresher It makes hair thanks to the absorbent substances in it and much more after that Easier to coordinate.
  • In almost any circumstance We can breathe new life into our hair crown and the We can leave the illusion of freshly washed hair.
  • Suitable for all hair typesAnd if you belong to the camp of people with fast oily hair, dry shampoo can be a real salvation, as Increases the time between two hair washes.

But what is in favor of it can be against it in the same way, because starch absorbs fat, matte hair crown At the same time It also has a drying effect, repeated use a to plug pores And for the development of various infections can drive. It is also important to keep in mind that shampoo may be more noticeable on dark hair May leave white marks on hair and scalp, so use shampoo specially developed for dark hair on dark hair.

More useful tips for using dry shampoo

  1. To minimize the adverse effects, it is recommended to incorporate a nourishing and moisturizing mask into the hair wash after use to return the hair and scalp to normal.
  2. Try to spray as little product as possible on the stems and avoid applying it to the entire length of the hair, as this can cause the fibers to stick together, causing the hair to tangle and break more easily.
  3. For a really rich effect, bend over, spray the product into your hair and then rub it in with your hands. This gives our hair extra volume!