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This is how Gubás Gubás played Gyurcsányné

Gabe Gubas said that the most important thing for me is that in both the profession and society we should never look for what separates us, but what unites us. In the political thriller Elk.rtuk, the actress who played Gyurcsányné also spoke about what she and wife Ferenc Gyurcsány had in common. By the way, Elk.rtuk is the most successful Hungarian film of 2021, with almost 130,000 viewers.

In Hungary an actor can rarely play a character who is currently playing a role in public life, everyone knows his face and everyone has an opinion about him. Does all this mean a disparate mission?

Yes, for me, the goal was to shape this role objectively, impartially and without prejudice. Neither the producers nor the director felt that it was important for me to look like him outwardly, it was important for me to capture his aura, his driving force. Although she was known to the public in 2006 primarily as the wife of Ferenc Gyurcsany and as a passive politician, she played a prominent role in this film. I wanted to show this human face of this woman, who also wields power in the company of men: what it is like to come out of her role, since she too is carried away by events, unprepared for emotions after an autumn speech. . In order to play a character, I have to always find some common ground with her. This was what Clara’s commitment and loyalty to her husband meant. From this standpoint, it was easier for me to understand his decisions, his system of relationships, and his motives. I made ‘Clara’ out of this story, which, although rarely seen on screen, is most evident by her presence, so I had to play these few minute segments as meticulously as possible so that the character development of the character could be clearly seen by the viewer. .

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Gabi Gubás: “It’s a film that gives an exciting behind-the-scenes look at politics, what it is and how it affects people.”Source: Great Buttercup – Origo

How did you experience the events of 2006?

After the privacy crisis a few years ago, I was busy rebuilding my own and my inner workings, so I was less able to focus on the outside world, especially current social phenomena. But in the meantime, I feel that I am not alone, but the whole country is in crisis, we are all going through a rough time. That is why it is so important that the film finally generates around it all that is reflected in it in an artistic approach. I think social traumas should be treated just like privacy crises: in the face. And to take the first step, a crime or political thriller may be ideal. After all, it is a film that gives an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of politics and shows its nature and how it affects people. I find it important to create such works, illuminated from as many sides and perspectives as possible, that address the event, and the viewer will then decide and choose what best helps them process their personal trauma.

The Democratic Coalition has a very sectarian voting base. Wasn’t it worth the verbal or physical attack?

No physical atrocities, I haven’t had time to deal with what they write about me or about me on the internet because I’m glad I can be a mother to my kids, I’ve been very busy lately. But I don’t feel that my job is to change the ideas in people’s minds, the important thing for me is to do that in my head and meet my own expectations.

Gabe Gubas: “I always try to do my job with the utmost humility and professional knowledge”Source: Great Buttercup – Origo

Is it hardening as a result of attacks or are you really easy to deal with?

Nothing is about an artist, he is an artist because he is a sensitive character, especially an actor who expresses himself with his spiritual vibes. At most, as an actor, I have the opportunity to put the positive or negative experiences for me into a role and thus get rid of them. That is why my job is important to me, which I always try to do with the utmost humility and professionalism.

Is the professional environment really as politically divided as it appears from the outside?

Like our whole community. But the most important thing for me is that in both our profession and society we are never looking for what separates us into two, but what unites us.