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This is how it works on Halo Infinite Xbox One consoles

Today marks the start of Halo Infinite’s first technical test, and the developers of 343 Industries have gone live online to mark the occasion. In doing so, they also showed the game itself, for example, we can see a recording of how it was played on the Infinite Xbox One console.

It’s not explained exactly what kind of Xbox One the game runs (smoothly or perhaps on the One X), but based on the video, it doesn’t perform badly. And of course, this isn’t the final version, so it might get better until it’s released. By the way, we can watch the Slayer match in one of the new stadiums, the Bazaar. We can even note the new Friend and Foe system, which consists mainly of players who no longer run with red and blue shields fighting each other, but distinguish the team they belong to by the color of their outlines and energy shields. This is a similar solution to Overwatch, with the advantage that it allows everyone to play around with the color and appearance of the gear they like.

the whole stream You can come back here, but if you’re only interested in the end result, here’s another recording of it that also shows a Slayer match, this was only recorded on Xbox Series X:

Halo Infinite’s first tech testing runs today through August 1, with invites already sent out. If you missed it, don’t worry either, there will be more tests to show up, and you’ll need to sign up for Halo Insider. The full game will arrive on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S sometime in late 2021, and the multiplayer portion will be free to play.

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