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This is how Magdy’s wonderful and distinguished life changed

Rosa Majdoulna is one of the most recognizable singers of our time, and those who don’t like her very much can admit this.

Fortunately, there are many like Magdy, who has always had some special, inexplicable power. He is able to transmit this power to people in a unique way perhaps more than anyone else.

Among other things, this is its strength, despite the fact that its dialect is unique, which has become legendary over the years. 16 years before that day, his life took a 180 degree turn and set out on a path like no other.

“On this day sixteen years later, my life changed. Sixteen years ago, I only dreamed of things that I have been able to achieve since then. How many good songs have been born over the years … ”, recalls the singer with exceptional vocal skills.

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“I love the way your voice fills the arena, the park, the spaces, the festivals and the theaters as you sing along with me pieces from my soul. I love that you take these songs with you to important moments in your life.” Follow Magdy.

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