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This is how nasal congestion can lead to ear infections: a specialist warns of the consequences – health

A characteristic symptom of a respiratory allergy is nasal congestion. If left untreated, ear infections can occur.

Dr.. Krishtina Morik Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Prof. Ear, Nose and Throat Center The chief physician explained how this was possible.

A blocked nose can lead to many complications

The inflamed mucosa swells, causing the allergic patient to not breathe, which can lead to complications for several reasons.

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  • Due to mouth breathing, the throat dries up easily, sore throat and hoarseness can occur, dry mucous membrane is more vulnerable, and pathogens can enter the body more easily through it.
  • With a stuffy nose, sleeping at night isn’t relaxing either, but in children, prolonged mouth breathing can lead to jaw development disorders.
  • In addition to nasal congestion, the ear cannot properly ventilate the eardrum that connects to the nose, which is why the pressure equalization is not perfect in the ear, on either side of the eardrum.

From otitis media to otitis media

If the mucous membrane in the eardrum enlarges or narrows, the opening in the eardrum may become blocked. This impedes ventilation of the eardrum, and due to unbalanced air pressure, the eardrum retracts and limits the movement of the auditory bones. This occurs when symptoms of otitis media appear: tension with mild earache, a feeling of blockage, and hearing loss.

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Infection can also reach the middle ear area, and acute but chronic otitis media can also occur. If otitis media persists, then chronic otitis media may develop with acute ear pain, which is difficult to treat due to negative pressure in the eardrum. The severe pain characteristic of acute disease may be overlooked in the case of chronic serous otitis media, and the disease – especially in children – is called attention only hearing loss.

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Allergy must be treated

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa constantly increases the risk of developing a respiratory infection, which means that common respiratory illnesses can also warn that the allergy is not being treated properly. In addition to the previously mentioned complications, recurrent nasal congestion and posterior pharyngeal wall leakage may also occur as a result of nasal congestion.


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Dr. Krishtina Morik said that in the event of recurring ENT complaints, respiratory allergies should be treated appropriately as soon as possible, and this could prevent complications. Respiratory allergy symptoms can be caused by indoor allergens during winter: mold, dust mites, and pets. Depending on the cause, allergies can be treated with symptomatic therapy or long-term immunotherapy to the allergen.

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