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This is how the Matrix will become Superman’s playground

  • As Superman, we can fly in San Francisco’s airspace
  • Redesigned version of Unreal Engine 5 techdemo

Epic Games at The Game Awards last year take it off hijab Matrix Awakens About the interactive presentation of Unreal Engine 5, which anyone can try for fun. Meanwhile, the new engine was in all its glory, and a video game tech artist named Volod rethought Unreal Engine 5 with the City Sample asset pack released by Epic Games.

As part of this, he’s actually transformed a virtual Superman version of San Francisco into a stadium, where we can fly freely through the hustle and bustle of skyscrapers and bridges, albeit with a stencil doll rather than a costumed hero. The experience proved so convincing that Volod also tries to build an ordinary game on it, which he has already begun to recruit.

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