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This is the case when designing the Porsche screen

In the computer world, there are examples of market participants collaborating with designers from the major automakers. As a result of this collaboration, unusual and eye-catching models are always born, as we’ve seen with Acer-Ferrari or ASUS-Lamborghini laptops, for example.

Recently, AOC, known primarily for its screens, asked the Porsche Design team to help create a special product. This is how the AOC AGON PD27 was born, which also came to us.


On the outside of the model, it is immediately evident that this is not a conventional screen, as its strange special sole made of metal pillars immediately catches the eye. This solution conjures back from racing cars with a little imagination, so here you can see the handprints of Porsche Designers. This stand keeps the screen stable, and can be moved in 15 cm increments, as well as swiveled and tilted. This makes it easy to adapt to the most comfortable position possible.

Watch the Porsche model. It also displays the Porsche Design brand on the table.Source: Origo

The chassis is curved, it is already an eye-catcher in itself, its bore is very thin, and because it flows with the screen, it is invisible when turned off. The degree of curvature is 1000R, which means that it appears as if cut from a circle of 1000 mm in diameter, resulting in a specific bending.

Evokes a pullback from racing cars.Source: Origo

There are no complaints about the outputs and inputs, as it also has HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB-A (3.2) and USB-C ports. So it works very well in terms of connectivity. A good pair of RGB LEDs are also packed into the bottom of the screen as well as the top of the rack. The color and brightness of the LEDs can also be changed, and it creates darkness around AOC AGON PD27.

picture quality

The premium exterior provides an excellent foundation, but if there is an image quality issue it’s not all worth it. Going through the initial info and official product data, it was envisioned that this wouldn’t cause much of a problem either. The truth is, this is a game created with players’ needs in mind, as the board is not 10 but rather 8 bits and the quantum dots have been omitted. As a result, it does not perform as well in terms of coverage of the color space as its peers of professional graphic designers. However, according to our measurements, there can be no complaints about color accuracy. In addition, the tones look natural and realistic to the eye.

The resolution is high enough.Source: Origo

The maximum image refresh rate is 240Hz, which is four times what regular and mid-range office monitors can. That is, the screen can display 240 frames per second, which is very important when reproducing fast action games. Plus the fact that the refresh rate can change dynamically with support for AMD FreeSync technology. As a result, there is no need for annoying stutter or image distortion. The input delay is only 10.1ms, which is only important for gamers, but very important for them. Viewing angle is one of the weaknesses of curved displays, and it’s amazing here, too: around 150 degrees, colors actually fade noticeably. However, if someone is sitting across from the screen, then no problem.

But it also means that the AOC AGON PD27 is a “one-man” screen.

The 27-inch screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. With this said, it’s clearly one of the best displays in the industry, so details are plentiful. The maximum brightness of the model is 550 nits, which is enough for one hand in the house. On the other hand, the high brightness makes the display of so-called HDR content with special dynamic range particularly stunning.

Sound and other additions

Unlike televisions, monitors do not have a built-in sound system, but there are some products. The AOC AGON PD27 is one such device. In addition to this, it is equipped with hidden 5W amplifiers that are more powerful than usual. As a result, there are no complaints about the volume level, after all, the sound quality is fairly good. The end result is quite acceptable, even if the screen can’t compete with a “normal” external speaker pair or audio projector in this area. There are no major bugs or glaring tolerances. For gaming or photography, this integrated audio system is well suited, too.

Extras include target crosshair, which can be triggered with the touch of a button. And this can be very useful if for some reason this feature is missing from the game.

Also useful is the Shadow Control option, which allows you to control the darkness of shadows, and the Low Blue mode which reduces the amount of blue component that disturbs the brain and causes insomnia. Activating this will lead to poor picture quality, but we can sleep better immediately after using the screen, and that’s not the last point.


AOC AGON PD27 enhances the narrow range of displays that come with a separate remote control. Moreover, it is a particularly beautiful piece of metal with a sophisticated design, and It makes it very easy to use.

The remote control shape is far from traditional, but still easy to handle.Source: Origo

The menu system and GUI design is very unusual and technical and will take some time to get used to. Unfortunately, Hungarian is not communicated, but unfortunately this is a common occurrence in this product family. Otherwise, the system is stable enough and won’t result in a freeze or restart.


Our initial expectations were very high, just because of the price, as the product tastes around a quarter of a million forints. And for that much money, one would rightly expect patent quality in this product class. Designed primarily for games or premium displays, AOC AGON PD27 also didn’t disappoint. The picture quality is fine, the handling is very good, and the design and appearance are luxurious thanks to Porsche’s engineers!

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