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This is the end of the British Empire: the former colonies are tired of the Queen

In mid-March, the ducal couple visited the Caribbean. Catherine and William theoretically arrived in the region for the Queen’s platinum anniversary, but in practice they had ample opportunity to ease tensions between the Crown and the former colonial countries with the visit. This seems to have failed: Jamaica announced a few days later that it would break with the monarchy.

A military parade, parades and an army of fans await the ducal concert in Kingston, Jamaica on March 22. There was only one thing that overshadowed the celebration, and that was that There is a growing number of Jamaicans who believe that the British ruling family has practically nothing to gain in the archipelago.

Demonstrators in Kingston parade to mark the arrival of the princely couple

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Behind the view is the colonial and slave past of the British monarchy, but it does not help that the royal family has been repeatedly accused of racism, most recently the Queen’s granddaughter, Prince Harry, who said that during Meghan’s pregnancy there were certain members of the royal family. The royal family was worried about that How dark will it be? fetal skin.

Thieves and slave owners

“They see themselves as great liberators and are happy to be treated and celebrated as such. They have completely forgotten the inconvenience of being thieves and slaves, the worst the planet has ever seen.”written by On Twitter, a Jamaican activist visits a princely couple.

Others say so highlightedThat the British dynasty was enriched by the ancestors of the Caribs with whom the prince and princess now treated “graciously”.

There is nothing to embellish with reality: the fact that the British Empire began massive colonization of the Caribbean in the 17th century, occupying a number of smaller islands and then linked Barbaros and Jamaica to the crown by the turn of the century.

Slaves were transported en masse from Africa to the newly acquired areas, and they usually worked on sugar cane plantations. The British did not really want to settle in the occupied islands: they saw in this as more of an investment. In most cases, the management of farms was entrusted to guards whose main task was to intimidate slaves.

Many contemporary cartoons depicted the slave trade

Many contemporary cartoons depicted the slave trade

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The oppressive regime was maintained through racism. Most of the hosts were white adventurers who could live as little kings in a monarchy at the expense of black slaves. In addition to martial law, white supremacy was reinforced by de facto regulations that held blacks inferior to whites.

The the system However, it proved unsustainable in the long run: the continuing revolutions and reformist aspirations in England and the transformation of the economy by the nineteenth century made this social order impossible very slowly: slavery was abolished in Jamaica in the middle of the century.

However, the economic collapse still took nearly 100 years: Jamaica became independent only in 1962 when it withdrew from the West Indies.

Poorly managed visit

Despite economic separation, most of the former colonies in their form of government remain loyal to the Crown: like the United Kingdom, they are constitutional monarchies headed by the Queen, even if she has no real power. But the question is for how long.

Although some countries in the region, such as Dominica and Tobago, gained their independence as early as the 1970s, wealthier nations persisted in the British royal family. This was the case until 2021, when Barbados officially replaced II. Elizabeth from the position of head of state. The decision sparked speculation about when neighboring countries would take similar measures. In this case, Vilmus and Catalin arrive in the area, and the first few days of them turn into a minor PR disaster.

The first place of the tour was in Belize, where the ducal couple was also scheduled to visit a native cocoa plantation. However, there was a small problem: the locals were not happy with the idea, especially the fact that the Filmus helicopter was scheduled to land on the village football field without prior consultation with the residents.

On the second day of their visit to the Caribbean, Catherine and William visited a seaside village in Belize, where the locals were still happy to arrive.

On the second day of their visit to the Caribbean, Catherine and William visited a seaside village in Belize, where the locals were still happy to arrive.

Photo: Northfoto

“Go down anywhere, but not on our land” Community leader said on guardian According to your information. The planned visit did not materialize due to local resistance.

This was a bad start, but later the situation did not improve: upon arrival in Jamaica, the prince and his wife met many public figures, including Minister of Culture Olivia Grange. In one of the joint programs, Katalin with a strange movement long, extended of Grange, which critics of the British ruling family considered a visible manifestation of racism. While it’s not worth drawing such far-reaching conclusions from the move, to be sure, it didn’t contribute to the tour’s success either.

I’m sorry, I don’t apologize

The highlight of the visit was the speech he gave at the reception of the Governor of the Duke of Kingston, but the problem was not because of what he said, but because of what number.

William’s father, Prince Charles, affirmed his “deep regret” for slavery, and confirmed his words a year ago.

“Slavery is a terrible and unforgivable sin, the consequences of which will be borne by the United Kingdom forever.” – Tell.

However, this was not enough for everyone: Several Jamaican activists and public figures have made it clear that remorse does not mean an official apology, let alone monetary compensation. Ironically, when slavery was abolished in the mid-19th century, former slave owners received sadly much money from the British state for their “lost” claim, but the descendants of former slaves have not been compensated to this day.

Slowly there will be nothing to judge

During the visit to Jamaica, the country’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, and Prince William also held a joint press conference where Holness was crystal clear. shown: They want to separate from the Queen soon.

“As you know, there are still some unresolved issues.” – Tell – “But Jamaica is a proud country… and we are still surprised.

Szándékunkban áll megvalósítani valódi ambíciónkat, hogy független, teljesen fejlett és virágzó ország lehessünk.
The meeting between Prince William and the Prime Minister of Jamaica took place in a good mood, although the latter made it clear that they wanted to separate from the British royal family.

The meeting between Prince William and the Prime Minister of Jamaica took place in a good mood, although the latter made it clear that they wanted to separate from the British royal family.

Photo: Getty

Not only did independence efforts gain momentum in the Caribbean: as did we We reported that in January of this year, a group of politicians in Australia initiated a referendum to remove the Queen from the position of Head of State.

In Canada, the popularity of all members of the royal family has declined over the past year, but the number of Crown critics has increased. february one survey According to him, half of the population would choose the head of their state instead of the British governor.

Support for the Queen appears to be more stable than in New Zealand’s former colonies (in 2021, half of the population was in favor of a constitutional monarchy), but critical voices in the island nation have also increased recently. According to the party that represents the indigenous people of the Maori It will be time To “separate” from the British royal family.

Looking at the directions, it is easy for the ruler to reach the former imperial colonies as a tourist on his next visit.

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