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This is the frame made of PET bottle

The German company announced in a statement that Continental tires containing polyester extracted from recycled PET bottles are now available to all European dealers. The German company unveiled the technology in September 2021, when it was announced that polyester threads would be used in its production. It is obtained from used PET bottles without any intermediate chemical step, which makes the technology much more efficient than other methods of processing PET bottles into high performance polyester filament.

In April 2022, Continental began mass production of tires made with the so-called ContiRe.Tex technology, which completely replaces the traditional polyester in the tyre. The tire manufacturer currently offers three models in five sizes, all made from polyester extracted from recycled PET bottles: the PremiumContact 6 tire, the EcoContact 6 tire, and the AllSeasonContact four-season tire. The bottles used for this technology come exclusively from areas where closed system recycling does not work.

A standard set of passenger car tires uses approximately 40 recycled PET bottles.

Tires made with ContiRe.Tex technology have a special logo on the sidewall that reads: “Contains recycled material.”

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