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This is the Huawei P50 Pocket, the first foldable cell phone from the manufacturer

The official demo is a long way off, but we can already see what the new smartphone will look like.

It can be said that foldable phones are experiencing a renaissance again, with a model that when folded will be very small and can practically turn a tablet into moments.

These devices are also unfamiliar to Huawei, and after Mate X models, they will also be tested with a Flip solution.

It has already been suspected that one of the new products coming from the Chinese manufacturer will be a foldable device like the Samsung Galaxy Flip, but it was recently confirmed. Thanks to a fashion photo from Harper’s Bazaar China, several photos have been released showing the Huawei P50 Pocket in the company of Chinese actress and singer Guan Xiaotong.

a Weibo . side Looking at the photos you’ve uploaded, the P50 Pocket is going to be a very neat gadget that appears to have an external display, so you can only see the time, notifications, or what your camera buys, even when folded.

According to the favorites of the previous manufacturer, the phone is expected to be available in other colors, and its official presentation will be on December 23.

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