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This is the map that shows who is the most famous citizen in your city

Toby Zhukanov, geographer and chief mapping analyst at Mapbox, is one of them visualization A collage that displays the names of influential people in the fields of culture, science, politics and sports. The assessment of who contributes to society is highly variable and subjective, and how attractive this makes their activity, Therefore, the researchers attempted to narrow the range of factors and, where possible, also considered appropriate cases of bias. The map shows not only people whose activities led to the growth of society, but also bloody dictators.

Source: Mapbox

People on the map were compared using information from Wikipedia and Wikidata. For this A study recently published in the journal NatureResearchers have attempted to calculate what makes a person “famous” based on several rules.

  • The number of Wikipedia edits per person;
  • Length, i.e. the number of words in all available resumes. This is zero for people with only one Wikidata entry;
  • Average number of views (visits) of CVs per person between 2015 and 2018 across all available language editions;
  • The number of non-lost elements retrieved from Wikipedia or Wikidata, which can also be date of birth, gender, and area of ​​influence. The guesswork here is that the more famous an individual is, the more complete his or her biography will be;
  • The total number of external links (sources, references, etc.) used in Wikidata.

The bigger names that are more visible from a distance are arranged, and when the user clicks on the name, they can see each person’s order of importance.

(the edge)

Cover image source: Getty Images

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