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This is the reason why Freddy and Rebrov broke up – an exclusive interview with the coach’s most important confidants

According to the official information of Ferencváros Sergei Rebrov resigned The two parties broke up on Friday.

I would like to start by saying that a good agent is like a good referee, the match is over and they don’t talk about it as if the referee wasn’t there. So he did a good job. Somewhere like a job agency. But there are times when you need to speak up because your fans and everyone else deserves real and reliable information. – Tell Sandor Varga, Sergey Rebrov is the Director of

I know Rebrov very well, I have been his manager for more than 20 years. When Ferencvaros approached him, his first question was whether a result could be achieved? Can we reach any of the European Cups? Also interesting was his first change of contract, which was originally due to expire at the end of June, but he said to do so by August 1, because by that time he will decide whether we join the Europa League or BL group. If that doesn’t work, you don’t want to stay. When he first met Gabor Kubatov, his personal sympathy immediately developed, and he immediately understood that the head of Ferencvaros was also thinking in this direction, and then said that he was good, then I will be a coach for Frdi. Because at the beginning of the experiment, I was given 50-50 percent to come to Hungary.

So this goal, this orientation, this success, this thing was the cornerstone of the decision, it wasn’t really about the money at all. I’m just highlighting this because the news now is about money.

Rebrov’s salary is very modest, compared to what he earned in Saudi Arabia, or even compared to what his former coach Freddy earned. It was agreed that if he brought success and money to the club, he would also benefit from it. By the way, he had a similar contract with Tottenham, and at that time both parties were eager to work successfully. And in this, Freddy was a divorced partner. I will reveal a secret that even Sergey does not know: I once asked Gabor Kubatov, does it bother him that the coach receives such a bonus? Maybe we should change the contract to make the reward smaller? The president refused, saying that “there can be no doubt about it, I’m very glad I was able to pay.” Because he was successful and brought money to the club as well. I know even the cleaner got the premium – so everyone here can feel their success.

Money was not a reason for divorce.

So what does Rebrov’s survival require? Or is it already decided?

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It was something that Sergey also talked about, but without struggle and difficulty there would be no success. There Andrei Kansilsky, who was my player, told me that Ferguson regularly “wrestled” with players at Manchester United, as was Mark Hughes’ response…or when Beckham got a cleft in his eyebrows from a neglected shoe. Well, that shoe was Ferguson’s fist…but when he came out of the locker room he said I’ve got super players, real pros and we’re fine. But this is just an example.

Yes, there were struggles, and when more has already gathered, Sergey told me in February to inform the boss that he no longer agrees with these matters and feels he can no longer continue, look for a new coach.

Is that what he also said these days about transfers that you didn’t agree with in certain steps?

There was a lot collected, and then, in February, I felt it would be best to go and we’d talk in due course. But Sergey didn’t tell me to “find a better team with more money” and let Individually down. This was appreciated and understood by Gábor Kubatov, although he was very sorry. All this happened so that by the time this happened, Rebrov had an offer where he would get five times his salary here, but he didn’t want to leave Ferencvaros prematurely. But he received an offer of a much higher level professionally, as well as a very important emotionally significant search, but he also refused.

I think in the latter case we are talking about Dynamo Kiev.

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Yeah. But Rebrov not only wanted to leave the team.

Meanwhile, the club began searching for its new coach. Which is completely normal in this case. So both sides are telling the truth, that’s how things really happened.

Of course, what happened is sad, I emphasize, and it is also important that Sergei had a great time here, and also became friends with the fans, who several times stopped him on the street, took pictures with him, but the family also enjoyed life here. Both sides regret that it ultimately wasn’t a sequel, but sometimes it’s really hard to deal with the huge success. And here I would also like to emphasize my role: I think I did a bad job.

what do you think?

I did a poor job because that’s exactly what my job would have been to help out in situations like this, when I’ve had great success and there’s a jam. So I would put myself as a big minus for not doing everything, these things could have been handled better, both sides, and, as Gabor Kubatov said, there was no conflict that could not be dealt with. So let me blame, okay…?

Did Rebrov and Gabor Kubatov finally manage to finally sit down and discuss everything?

This did not happen in the end, because Sergei left in the meantime, and although there was talk that we might fly to him, there is currently no air service between Kiev and Budapest. The conversation did not take place in the end, but the two parties properly parted. I stress that Ferencvaros has acted impartially throughout this matter, both since her arrival and before the divorce. They did absolutely everything in the club to make Sergey a success. In the end, they couldn’t do anything anymore, but that’s what happened at Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham.

Besides conflicts, what else led to Rebrov’s departure? Was he still excited?

He is an absolute workaholic coach. It was fine when I also traveled to Ferencvaros to Moscow for the match against CSKA, I sat next to him on the plane, but we could only talk for five minutes when he took out his laptop, he said he was watching CSKA again because he wanted to beat them The next day. He has overcome it. But he also wanted to beat Juventus and was close to scoring. He’s been passionate all the way, as he is now, and he sure could have gotten something more out of the team.

What do you know now what opportunities Rebrov has now? You can hear a lot of team names from Fenerbahce through Tottenham and the Ukrainian national team to the Arab world.

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The call of the Ukrainian team is real, the head of the Ukrainian Federation was also here at the opening of Puskas Square, telling me, for example, that if Shevchenko left – because it was about Milan – it could only be Rebrov himself. The next captain – and Shevchenko learned about it, as well as Gabor Kubatov. Thus, if a national team calls up a coach, it’s more than just a club, it’s about serving your country. We knew that if this happened, Sergey would leave.

And I am sure that Mr. Kubatov would not have asked for money to terminate the contract, just as he would not have asked now.

As for Tottenham, I still have a very good relationship with the president of the London club, Daniel Levy, when he was in Budapest, I told him that Sergei was doing very well at Ferencváros. And his turn actually came there, and we talked about him a few times, and we’re still talking about him. So this isn’t a duck either. Just as it can re-establish itself in the Arab world. We have at least eight current shows, as we’ve had regular shows over the past year and a half. But then not once did Rebrov say, “Well, we have to go now.”