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This is when science fiction becomes reality

Science fiction movies have always featured devices or technologies that did not yet exist at the level of development at that era. However, a few of these machines or processes later paid off, including things that looked absolutely amazing. We picked some of these.

Smartphone – Star Trek, 1966

The original Star Trek series, which began in 1966, began showing in 1966. At that time, nobody had ever thought about how amazingly successful this universe was, and that new and new parts and films would be made within sixty years.

The success was also due to the great ideas in the series, including the smartphone predictions.

Not only was a foldable device called the Tricoder intended for connectivity, it also had quite a few special sensors and other additional features. In this series, the device functioned as a portable small computer, which means that it looked like a smartphone today.

A smart device we always carry with us, do we communicate with it, and is it full of sensors? Today, everyone might think of a smartphone, but this was not always the caseSource: UIP-Danube movie

Well the touchscreen wasn’t quite a hit, but it was still a great prediction. At the time, it was certain that not many people believed that such a tool would become a reality after only four decades.

Virtual Reality – Tron, 1982

Several works have shed light on what a world created and dominated by computers would look like, and of course this theme appeared in science fiction literature as early as possible, thanks to Philip K. Dick, for example. But the 1982 movie Tron was the best prediction of what virtual reality would look like.

Tron, 1982Source: Agence France-Presse

In this cinema, people had to wear special devices in the same way and this is how they entered the virtual space. On the one hand, they had to accept the rules for this, but they could also shape events in the computer-generated digital world on some level. And so, if we look at it, that’s exactly what is happening in virtual reality today. Incidentally, a lot of people mentioned the Matrix in relation to virtual reality and movies, but by that time the foundations had been laid long ago. So, in our opinion, the matrix is ​​not a prediction, but an interesting mixture of past ideas and techniques that have been implemented by that time.

Video Telephony – 2001: Space Duel, 1968

2001: Space Duel is one of the most popular and longest running science fiction movies. In addition to the great acting and story, among other things, the reason is because it is full of great and futuristic ideas that have been organically integrated into the work. One example is the video telephony, which is featured in the story as a form of communication that works perfectly.

Video telephony is becoming evident and popular these days. In 1968, it wasn’t muchSource: MGM

In the 1968 movie, this thing works the way it did in the early 2000s as a job for Skype and similar Internet communications channels. The camera is integrated into the computer, just like the screen, and people practically speak to the screen. Fabulous.

Airboard – Back to the Future 2, 1989

Back to the Future 2 in 1989 is filled with huge gags and amazing gadgets that are almost parody-like. The most famous of them is the Flying Skateboard, which even those who haven’t seen the movie have heard of otherwise.

Michael J. Fox and the airportSource: UIP-Danube movie

For a long time, it seemed completely implausible that this would ever happen, but in 2014, the ice broke. A California startup came to great surprise with a working prototype that was really able to transport its passengers at low altitudes and slowly but in the air for a short time.

A prototype of the Lexus antennaSource: Lexus via Bloomberg

And soon after, Lexus also appeared with a device that works. And in 2019, the French company created an air panel capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 km / h. Well, those tools are still quite pricey today, they don’t even work quite like they did in Back to the Future 2, but they really are, and that’s important.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are currently handled by a number of major companies and almost all major car manufacturers and technology companies working on such technologies. Among other things, the introduction of a new generation mobile communication standard, 5G, is important to make the information exchange between unmanned vehicles on the road faster and more stable.

Fortunately, the development of the self-driving car is not completely headed in this directionSource: UIP-Danube movie

In 1990, they starred Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, and they came up with a very interesting concept of a self-driving car. Arnold rides such a car throughout the movie, but contrary to today’s concepts, autopilot Johnny drives the porch. Has a sense of humor (somewhat ironic) and sometimes whistles the rhythm or two of the Norwegian anthem. Well, unfortunately, we expect this in vain from self-driving cars of the 21st century, apparently at least for now, and then of course who knows what the future holds.

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