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This may be the reason for the extinction of Neanderthals

The sudden disappearance of Neanderthals is one of the greatest mysteries in history. Our distant relatives ruled the Earth for three hundred thousand years, until then they suddenly disappeared. There are many theories about its extinction, including that we may be responsible for its destruction, but researchers at the University of Granada have now managed to come up with an actual solution – Writes the results of the study.

Experts have found 267 genes found in Homo sapiens but not in Neanderthals – they are responsible for creativity, self-awareness, and health, among other things. Thanks to these genes, Homo sapiens were fitter, more resistant to aging, and more protected against infection than Neanderthals.

This is the first such genetic analysis, and the results showed that Homo sapiens adapted twice as efficiently and was at least better than their relative. However, according to the experts, perhaps the key secret was that Homo sapiens was more resourceful and creative than Neanderthals. It may also have led to the necessary interoperability, flexibility, discovery skills and technological advancements.

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