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This reduces the fossil energy support for Britain

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced plans to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero at the Climate Ambition Summit. The event was attended by leaders, mayors, business leaders and representatives of voluntary organizations from 70 countries.

The UK plans to suspend support for foreign oil, gas and coal projects, with a few exceptions. The new policy is a sharp change, with oil and gas exports receiving $ 21 billion (.123.1 billion) in government aid over the past four years.

The new rules will come into force after a brief consultation until February 8, 2021, but before the 26th Climate Summit (COP26) in November. The British government has indicated support for the oil and gas sector to switch to green technologies.

Shortly before the climate ambition summit, Boris Johnson called climate change one of the greatest global challenges of our time, already killing lives around the world. He added that world leaders should be cautious but not set ambitious goals.

They will green the economy first

Ahead of the meeting, in early December, Britain announced that the UK would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 68 per cent by 2030 compared to the 1990 levels, which would cut the country very quickly among the leading economies.

This ambition is supported by the “Green Industrial Revolution” economic restructuring package, which was announced in November and includes a ban on internal combustion cars and vans. Their details were also reported by

Can create a lot of jobs

The British government estimates that the Green Change will create 250,000 new jobs by 2030.

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British Manufacturing Technology Association (MDA) Study published in the summer According to the United Kingdom, converting the country’s manufacturing sector to green production will increase Britain’s GDP by $ 8-20 billion ($ 8.8-22 billion), while creating one million new jobs.