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This was caused by distribution problems in the UK

According to the latest figures released on Friday, one-sixth of British adults have been unable to buy basic food in recent weeks due to a shortage of supplies.

According to a new compilation of the bi-weekly lifestyle survey released by the British Bureau of Statistics (ONS), 17 per cent of adults surveyed between September 22 and October 3, about 8 million people, reported not receiving basic food at the same time. Time or other, the products they are looking for in this category are not available in stores.

15 percent of respondents in the same period He could not afford the fuel, And 23 percent do not have access to essential food items. Sixty-one per cent of UK adults surveyed had extraordinary experiences buying food; Most of the people in this group have found a smaller selection than usual in the stores.

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Twenty-two percent of respondents could not find the food they were looking for in stores, but were able to buy an equivalent alternative product, according to an ONS report on Friday. However, another 20 percent could not find an alternative without the food they were looking for.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed by the Statistics Office pointed out that they had to go to several stores before they could get all the food they needed.

In the UK, a growing acute labor shortage, mainly on the supply side, is causing more and more significant shortfalls, especially in the distribution of food and fuel to the population.

Chronic shortage of truck drivers Distribution disruptions in late September led to panic-like fuel purchases across the country and severe shortages as a result.

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As a direct precedent for panic purchases, BP and many other major distributors initially announced that they would be forced to close filling stations due to the lack of tanker drivers and the inability to continue to refuel their entire network.

In many parts of the country, even last weekend, long, sometimes kilometer-long lines of snakes at gas stations. By the second half of this week, it had disappeared in most parts of the country, but London and its environs were not yet complete.

However, in grocery stores, there are no immeasurable panic-like waves in buying this, yet in some stores, there are persistent signs that the shelves are often greeted by empty shelves. According to British figures on Friday, 85 per cent of adults surveyed said they have not changed their eating habits and only 5 per cent say they buy more food than usual.

The British government this week allowed British companies to hire 5,000 foreign truck drivers to carry out food and fuel transport work, with a rapid employment process but for a limited time.

However, the Department of Transportation estimates that at least one lakh truck drivers are missing from the UK freight sector. This is because many EU workers have left Britain after the end of British EU membership (Brexit).

On behalf of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sir Dave Lewis, former CEO of Britain’s largest retail chain Tesco, will serve as a government adviser on the supply crisis that will cause a shortfall from next Monday.