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This way you can ensure that your console consumes as little power as possible

Making some adjustments will also reduce your electric bill.

We live in good times and we don’t know why Life still hits us, but surely if we can save on something now, it will be worth the compromise. Fortunately, in the case of game consoles, we have the opportunity to make some settings, with which we can reduce its consumption, which otherwise 0 watts even when off.

By the way, we also protect the environment if we use as much energy as absolutely necessary and do not have to give up the big things.

In the case of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, the designers were especially careful not to consume power when it was not necessary, so when we browse the digital store or watch movies, the consumption is lower than when playing resource-intensive games.

However, by adjusting the settings below, we will have better chances if our goal is to stay below average consumption.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Instant On mode is already active on Microsoft consoles, which is great on the one hand, since the hardware runs at lightning speed, our games stay fresh (more or less) even if we haven’t started the console for several days, and we can also request installation from our smartphone so that By the time we get home from work, all that’s left is to start the game. Series consoles consume 10-13 watts of power in this standby state, the active version of the S Series consumes 74 watts, and the X Series consumes 153 watts, according to Microsoft calculations.

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It is clear that activating the power saving mode helps, we can find it in both previous and current generation devices. The Settings Application General In the menu item, that is Sleep mode and startup It can be achieved by selecting tiles, ie sleep modeOpen it and select it energy saving Chance. While we’re here, it’s worth Shutting down after this much time Choose the lowest value for the dropdowns, none of the devices should be running unnecessarily.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

In the case of PlayStation consoles, there are several things worth looking at and taking into account. On the one hand, it is always recommended to choose full power off rather than rest mode, as the two options are located below each other. On the other hand, you can find power saving options in Settings (on PS5 Settings -> System submenu), where you can specify how long the device should go to sleep after inactivity and which functions should be available in rest mode. Disabling them to a minimum, but it can also help; The sure thing is to turn off the device completely. We can also control when the controllers are put to sleep. If you see an orange LED light, the rest mode is active, and if the device is not lit, it is resting well.

With these settings, you probably won’t save thousands of HUF on a monthly basis, but if the little things are added, they will actually show up.

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