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This year, nearly 20,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the UK

According to data compiled by the PA news agency, 19,756 people have already reached the UK from France this year. The number of people trying to cross the English Channel began to increase from the winter of 2018.

Despite the British government’s promise to control illegal immigrants through the English Channel, the number has increased this year than in previous years. This was reported in an article on the ZeroHedge news website.

On November 2, British authorities arrested 456 people trying to cross the English Channel, and French authorities prevented 343 immigrants from reaching England.

According to data compiled by PA News Agency

By October of this year, there were already about 19,800, and last year in total, about 16,000 immigrants had arrived in the UK from France.

In July, Britain and France announced an agreement to tackle the problem, with Britain paying France 54 54 million (approximately .7 22.7 billion) more than twice the number of police officers patrolling the French coast.

On the English Channel From the winter of 2018 the number of people trying to cross began to increase. That year, 299 people tried to enter Britain this way, according to the UK Home Office.

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