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This year’s Semmelweiss Day celebration series began with a wreath laying – Semmelweis News

The university of the same name Ignác Semmelweis, born 204 years ago, celebrates Semmelweis Day. According to tradition, the whole day program this year began with a wreath-laying ceremony In the Semmelweis Medical History Museum, Library and Archive, then in the courtyard of the inner clinical block, at the statue of Ignác Semmelweis.

“On the eve of the birthday of our university of the same name, Fülöp Ignác Semmelweis, as well as Hungarian Health Day, we bow our heads at the birth house and grave of this tragic midwife teacher. The fact that July 1 is a public holiday for us in Hungary is to show our respect for the work of health care workers. It adds special significance to today,” Dr. Nándor Ács, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.

He referred to the works of Semmelweis, noting also the fact that his contemporaries did not understand and even attacked the innovative theory of the research doctor working in obstetrics at the University of Vienna.

Semmelweis’s work, problem-solving, systematic analysis of his data, innovation, recognition of the satisfactory role of “decomposing animal organics”, and the successful culmination of his research work can provide inspiration for clinicians experiencing the stresses of everyday life in research. He emphasized new ideas and therapeutic solutions.

According to the development program announced by the university management, we treat education and research as a priority in all Semmelweis University institutes and clinics, and give the key to science to anyone who comes up with an original idea. We must not make the mistake of contemporaries of Semmelweis, failing to understand discovery and novelty

Dr. said. Nándor Ács. In his speech, the director also referred to the statement published in the latest issue of the European Journal of Epidemiology, whose authors also praised Semmelweis’s research.

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The director noted that “infectious disease research is still relevant today, science is powerless against many new pathogens, and the events of the past two years have provided ample evidence of this.” Dr. explained. Nándor Ács.

The teaching of Semmelweis, the principle of eliminating infection, is still valid to this day, in the age of modern clinics and ultramodern antibiotics, and his name is blessed at all times, as long as only women give birth – Dr. Then Nándor Ács laid a wreath in honor of the university of the same name. On behalf of the Hungarian National Museum d. General Director Laszlo L. Simon, on behalf of the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History, Dr. Pendik Varga laid a wreath.

The series of festivities continued in the courtyard of the inner clinical building, at the Semmelweis statue, where Dr. Peter Hollow, Director of Dermatology, Genocide and Dermatology, gave a welcome speech. In his words, “The importance of Semmelweiss work cannot be commended, and his role in Hungarian and world medicine is indisputable. He noted that in 2013, UNESCO declared some of his discoveries relating to puerperal fever, which were published in print between 1847 and 1861, as part of the World Heritage .

As he said, Semmelweis’ life in the nineteenth century was much older than his age. He became a role model for the dedicated modern physician, who relentlessly fought and defended scientific innovation. His results spoke for themselves, but he could not convince the stunted medical community of his generation of the truth – said Dr. Peter Hollow, adding that by the end of the twentieth century, the history of the university of the same name had become a symbol of a career misunderstood and rejected.

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The director noted that in the early 1990s Robert A. Wilson first used the name Semmelweis reaction, which has since become widespread throughout the world, for general human behavior when a person appears at the lower level of the scientific, professional, and expert hierarchy with a new interpretation Clear, and not accepted by those above it.

Praising the work of Semmelweis, he said: The name is binding, referring to the fact that the university has become one of the most important strongholds in all the arenas of the internal struggle against the epidemic. As he pointed out, devotion and dedication, conscience, medical dogma, humility towards the profession and patients – all this came to the fore in the footsteps of Semmelweis in the last period.

He also explained that since Semmelweis, the importance of hand washing has not gained as much importance as in epidemic prevention, and that quick and decisive action and an effective response with the necessary measures have proven to be effective in the COVID-19 epidemic. , just as in the case of puerperal fever. He emphasized in his salutation that talent, knowledge, and perseverance are qualities of the practitioner and researcher, and their importance is the most important message of Semmelweis’ intellectual legacy.

You have to be brave to represent a different point of view. As leaders, we must recognize and support new approaches. By supporting clinical research, this is one of our university’s main strategic goals. To become an elite university and to be among the top 100 universities in the world is a goal that raises our institution to a level it deserves.

– Finally said Dr. Peter Hollow.

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At the conclusion of the salute in honor of the memory of Ignac Semmelweis, on behalf of the students and staff of the university, Dr. University President Bella Merkley and Dr. Counselor Livia Pavlik and Dr. Peter Hollow laid a wreath on the statue of Semmelweis. On behalf of the Hungarian Medical Chamber d. Ágnes Szűcs-Vámosi laid a wreath on behalf of Gyula Kincses, the Hungarian Chamber of Health Professionals. Furthermore, Dr. Laszlo Rozival, President of the Circle of Friends of Semmelweis University, President of HÖK Balint Tribulski, and Kata Kismarjay, President of the Instructor Voluntary Group also laid wreaths.

We will report on other events of Semmelweis Day in a separate article.

Anita Sebesi
Photo: Attila Kovacs – Semmelweis University

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The article was published by the Directorate of Communications at Semmelweis University.