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Thousands in Berlin protest against epidemic restrictions

Several movements were banned by local authorities over the weekend, but protesters in Berlin opposed them. As the crowd marched from the Charlottenburg district through Tiergarten to the Brandenburg Gate, the police withdrew with great force over a loudspeaker to warn the protesters that water cannons would spread if the crowd did not disperse. MTI wrote that in the evening the police arrested about six hundred people.

In Germany, a number of epidemiological restrictions were lifted in May, restaurants and bars reopened, but for example, dining in indoor restaurants or staying in a hotel still required proof that the guest had been fully vaccinated or had contracted coronavirus disease. A test can show a new coronavirus.

Although the number of coronavirus cases in Germany is still low compared to neighboring countries, the delta variable has caused an increase in the number of new infections in recent weeks. On Sunday, Germany reported 2,097 new cases, an increase of five hundred from the previous week.

The Querdenker, Germany’s most active movement skeptical of epidemics, has so far drawn thousands to its protests in Berlin, including vaccine opponents, coronavirus deniers and conspiracy theorists from the right and left of the political board, as well as members of various far-right. groups. Earlier this year, German domestic intelligence warned that the movement was being radicalized and that some of its followers were being monitored. Wolfgang Schäuble, the head of the Federal Parliament of the Bundestag, sharply criticized the Querdenker movement on Sunday, urging people not to be fooled by cheap slogans.

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