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Thousands of anti-vaccine protesters marched into the streets of Paris

Hours after the demonstration began, neighboring Italy demanded a digital certificate to enter gyms and restaurants.

Demonstrators took to the streets across France on Saturday for the fourth weekend to protest against the new medical card that will be needed to enter cafes and travel on intercity trains. The demonstrations broke out two days before the new rules came into effect.

New rules introduced by President Emmanuel Macron make it mandatory to get a full vaccine against Covid-19, test negative, or prove that someone has recently recovered from the disease so that French citizens can enjoy uninterrupted normal activities.

Macron, who hopes to be re-elected next year, hopes the new rules will encourage all French people to vaccinate themselves against Covid-19, beating the fast-spreading Delta version of the virus.

Meanwhile, Italy is already preparing to introduce its own “green corridor” system,

Thus, only those who have had at least one dose of the vaccine or recovered from Covid-19, or who have a negative PCR test no older than 48 hours, can enter gyms and restaurants.

The system, which will be introduced on Friday, will be mandatory for all Italians over the age of 12.

However, measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 are controversial in France

Opponents of those who now appeared en masse in the streets argued that the rules violated civil liberties in a country where individual freedom was so prized.

Macron says a health certificate will be required from Monday to eat in a restaurant or have a drink in a café indoors or on the patio. It will be mandatory on urban transport, including high-speed trains and domestic flights, although it won’t be necessary for metro and suburban transport tournaments.

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Government spokesman Gabriel Atal said the new lease, which will be mandatory under current rules until November 15, was necessary to avoid further restrictions as the country was grappling with the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a restriction that allows places to be kept open.”

He emphasized that there would also be a one-week “grace period” for consumers and businesses to get used to the new rules.

Macron, who is still in a tourist resort in western France, has visited several times in recent days the social networking platform TikTok, popular with young people, to get his message across.

vaccination. vaccination. Protect yourself with the vaccine.”

Macron said in his latest video on Friday.

According to daily Le Monde, Macron’s decision to show patience with protesters is fraught with danger even for a leader who appears to be doing well enough with street movements such as the “yellow vests” protests in 2018-2019. “It’s a dangerous strategy. Playing in the street means playing with fire” The French newspaper thinks.

Photo: AFP