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Three perfect dances, lots of tears and another interruption were the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars

The last show Dancing with the Stars – Everyone Dances is over, that is, this year’s semi-final, which Rika Nagy and her partner, Bertalan Higgs, withdrew, based on the decision of the jury and spectators. The finals are approaching next week, and on November 20, it will be revealed which couple will win the current second season of TV2’s dance competition.

Dancing with the Stars reached its semi-finals, starting the eighth show with just five pairs. The theme of the evening was “biggest icons”, so the dancers performed choreography of the legendary pop and rock songs.

To the permanent jury – Nora Erdoğ, Andrea Molnar, Zoltan Pericci and Sanad Girgili Kovacs – this time also Gabriela Spanik joinSo the maximum score was now 50 instead of the usual 40. More precisely, the jury could give many points in one round, but since the contestants had to perform in two productions, the maximum was already 100 points at the end.

Jury complemented by Gabriella SpanicForrás: TV2 / Facebook / Dancing with the Stars

The pairs performed the following dances in the first round and received the following scores:

  • Rica Nagy and Bertalan Higgs: Sauce 43 points
  • Otto Kinsey and Zsuzana Szeki: Foxtrot, 48 points
  • Evan Camaras and Anna Mix: Jeff, 47 points
  • Attila Barley and Alexandra Stana: Roomba 48 points
  • Andy Toth and Andre Manjra: Quick move, 46 points

In the first round, there was a tie: Otto Kinsey, Zuzana Szeki, Attila Urba and Alexandra Stana performed the best, and Rika Nagy and Bertalan Heggis performed the worst – at least according to the jury.

Scroll down for more results, check out the race productions in Round Two too!

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