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Three professors from Debrecen were awarded the Academic Prize

University professors receive their scientific awards at the ceremonial meeting of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Presidential reports, award ceremonies, scientific presentations and decision-making are also included in the 194th annual general meeting of the AASTMT Supreme Decision-Making Council, which began on Monday. mentioned University of Debrecen website.

Welcoming the participants to the online conference, President Tamas Freund said: We not only have to demonstrate our ability to adapt to the rules that the pandemic has imposed on us, but also as an Academy of Sciences, and a national academy for the ever-changing world.

A list of honorees was presented at the ceremonial meeting. This year, thirteen researchers received the Academic Prize – among them three professors from the University of Debrecen.

In recognition of his outstanding scientific work, the Council of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences awarded him an Academy Award:

  • Clara Ajyagasy, Ph.D. at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Professor of the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen, became the primary work of IUD research, in recognition of her extensive 334-page work titled Chuvash. Historical Phonetics.
  • Imrét Tóth, Ph.D., Honorary Professor in the Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Debrecen, achieved outstanding results in; The statute of limitations for international recognition of Hungarian chemical research; For his distinguished work as a researcher, university lecturer, school building activity and exemplary general professional activity;
  • György Vaszil, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Informatics, University of Debrecen, to enrich the theory of formal, automata and non-traditional languages, mainly biologically inspired computations with new methods, models and concepts can and demonstrate that communication can increase the linguistic descriptive power For every type of grammar, even for very limited size parameters.
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Béla Tóthmérész also received the Academic Prize, which was not accepted into the 2020 Hungarian Science Festival, on Monday. Head of the Department of Ecology, Institute of Biology and Environment, College of Science and Technology, University of Debrecen, Chair of the MTA-DE Biodiversity Research Group, scientific advisor for the full range of Ecology, Nature Conservation, Botany, Zoology, Aquatic Biology and Environmental Statistics last year of It is accepted by the Council of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for its research on theoretical and practical problems of organizing, maintaining and restoring biological diversity.