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Three Weeks for Health – The POWER OF LIFE EXPO opens its virtual doors

Are you interested in live broadcasts? You can watch the show starting at 5:30 pm here:

Live from Széchenyi . bathroom

From a special place, a Széchenyi . bathThe POWER OF LIFE EXPO opens upon login. In the live event, viewers can learn useful information about the importance of prevention Dr. Peta Gasparovsky In his lecture he talked about musculoskeletal disorders and the beneficial effects of yoga Penny Mate Physiotherapist, physiotherapist and fachi flower Vivéka Yoga Instructor, NMPT Instructor.

In addition to professional speakers, he will be a guest on the show Hajdu Steve An actor talking about diabetes through his personal example, Attila Katos A personal trainer and lifestyle advisor will provide helpful advice on healthy eating and nutritional supplements. Gabor Nemeth Nemo The musician draws attention to the importance of prevention, and also gives a concert during the evening, the last chord of which will be the first prizes.

More exhibitors from the fair will present themselves at the event than the exhibition’s media sponsor Health GuideThe Budapesti Gyógyürdők Zrt. And that OTP Health Fund.

Online exhibition about health

The LIFE FORCE EXPO Its main goal is to provide assistance to as many people as possible on the most important issues affecting their health. You can easily browse the programs of the event, which takes place on tens of thousands of virtual square meters, in the comfort of your own home, at the most convenient time and without fees, without the need to travel.

In addition to professionalism, it was also important for the organizers to provide visitors with information relevant to their health in an interesting and understandable way. The process of traveling and buying tickets is often expensive and difficult to solve, and it can be viewed for free from home, providing a professional and entertaining experience at the same time. The event that takes place on the “virtual tens of thousands of square meters” is amazing With 3D boothsAnd With online crawl spacesAnd With helpful presentationsAnd Roundtable discussions and other exciting programs, quiz games Waiting for visitors who a In addition to the virtual exhibition experience, they can also count on valuable prizes and coupons that offer deep discounts. The main prize of the POWER OF LIFE EXPO, for example Two Weekend Wellness Vouchers for two at Zala Springs Golf Resortwhich on the closing day of the event, On June 9 Additional items such as 1 speaker, 1 airpods and 1 facial sauna will be drawn as prizes.

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