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Tibi Kasza – pleading with Büfékonyhák

Thanks to his lifestyle change, he has lost several tens of kilograms in recent months. He is energetic and energetic, but this does not mean that he does not eat well. “I love cooking, it’s a great way to relax. I prepare well and surrender myself to the joy of cooking. From very simple to complex dishes, I start to prepare anything without fear, and then as new creativity comes out of it as possible. “

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Even four-year-old Laura Bella is no stranger to the kitchen. “I rarely cook with him myself, but my wife does a lot of work cooking together. He’s already kneading dough, making cakes, mixing ingredients. It’s a constant worry that he’s burning himself, we’re very careful not to go near anything hot.” Hungarian and Asian flavors, including Thai cuisine, impress the singer the most, who chooses an unusual way to learn. “I don’t go to fancy culinary schools, but to family kitchens and buffets. I will order food again, videotape and take pictures of its preparation, and cover every little movement,” he reveals, then adds that locals welcome his curiosity.

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