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Tibor Devini’s 3 Wishes for 2022: Health, Health, Health!

Uncle Taibe She is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. You can just stick to the idea that in 2022, everything will get back on its old wheel and do what keeps it alive: you can create music for your audience.

Not many positives happened this year. But what if a person is locked up, unable to act, and unable to do their job? That’s awful! I’ve been boisterous, go and go since I was a high school student, never had free saturdays, now I have a lot of free time It started for burs.

– I was glad that the shows were a little hot in the summer, and I was able to do many shows, and I was also at the EFOTT and Campus festival, where the audience welcomed me with the same love as in past decades. The children were shouting: Uncle Tibi, Uncle Tibi, and it was really good. Then at the end of September the shutter was pulled back again. In the disco genre, I think that the jockeys are at a disadvantage, since a concert can be held for a certain number of people, but it is not possible to dance with a mask on. I have one fun: Retro Radio. This has meant a lot to me over the past year. As the channel’s oldest presenter, I present my shows from home, with impeccable quality, and no one notices that I’m not in the studio. At the moment, the only regular thing in my life is that I can entertain students every Saturday Disick said the jockey, then added that the love that the audience provides cannot be replaced by anything.

For Uncle Tippy Devine, health is the most important picture: pepper

“It’s our profession, and it’s not a good idea to be held back.” I have invitations for next summer, but I don’t dare give them a try, because who knows what will happen in the meantime. All that remains is hope. I don’t get a lot of fun and new things because there are no effects to experience he added.

Magyar Televízió’s Three Wishes Intertwined Tibor Divine in your name. He fulfilled a lot of requests and dreams, but he only has one for the future.

My only three wishes are to be healthy and healthy. I don’t have great desires because at the age of 74 everything has come true. I caught the coronavirus after two vaccinations in March, had the third one a month and a half ago, and even asked for a flu vaccination, I guess I couldn’t do more – of course, besides taking great care of myself. I’m waiting for the situation to calm down, but everyone in the profession is like that He said to our question.

Radio means a lot to a disc jockey, especially during a pandemic. Photo: Bors

It is unusual for Uncle Tibi not to spend his holidays at work, as he has been entertaining his audience for decades during this time as well.

– Now we spent a few days in Mezőberény with my mother-in-law, some of my friends visited between the holidays. I tried to make Christmas a little discreet but in a good mood. For me, these days were always about work, and only Christmas Eve was free. I will still be happy to be on stage. My kids did their work too, the little student was preparing for exams and the older one went to Mexico with his friend. I hope everything will be different next year, let this madness spread all over the world!