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Tibor Pinter’s No Makeup Partner: Elias Jennifer looks like this if not drawn – Hungarian star

Tibor Pinter and Jennifer Elias They have known each other for ten years, but for a long time there was only a working relationship between the founding director of the National Equestrian Theater and the singer and actress.

They realized three years ago, their relationship deepened, they really felt more about each other, and two and a half years ago, everything was rewritten with a kiss on stage: they had broken out in love and have been so happy together since then.

What a Jennifer without makeup

Many did not predict the charming actor and his lovely sweetheart, who is 22 years her junior: partly because of the age difference, and partly because there are so many beautiful women around Tinya. They weren’t right, Tibor Pinter A. Story Magazine He said he still loves to invade Jenny over and over, invite him on a date, and bring her flowers.

Photo: Instagram / Elias Jennifer

– Beautiful, compassionate, talented. It’s the kind of party I imagined for myself. I thought about this dream picture several times and finally got engaged. He is My Fate – Praised his love for the 47-year-old star.

Such Jennifer is really beautiful, and it can be seen in her new photo, which shows not only her enviable bikini figure, but also her natural beauty without makeup.

As a guest on Instagram or shows, he usually only appears with the perfect hairstyle and makeup, but other times nature is paramount. He’s also not the type of athlete to run or begin training with several coats of paint on his face.

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Rogic Cecilia or Sarka Kata without makeup and painted

Cecilia Rogan has changed a lot in recent years: not only has her hairstyle changed and she has changed from brown to blond hair, her dress has changed a lot, too. Today, it is also unbelievable that you would not appear with professional makeup at a public event.

In our group, not only can you see what Cecilia Rogan looks like with and without makeup, but you will find Hungarian stars who have a big following camp on Instagram who look completely different when drawing and natural – so we also feature Kata Sarka or Linda Zemanni!

Cover photo: Femina / Márk Rátkai