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Timi Gelencsér suffers from increasing pain

Gelencsér Timi He was recently discharged from the hospital after a tonsillectomy. Then he wrote: The first 12 hours felt worse, but it’s better now. Since then, it turns out that not only did he get better, but the pain got worse …

I hurriedly said that the 12 hours after the surgery was horrible, and she would get better after that. Unfortunately the pain was undulating and I could have written this in a better moment… 😅 Today I’m on day 3 and probably woke up today in great pain. The doctor said at 4-5. The days will be the worst and then it will be more bearable. I know for a fact that a lot of people have gone through this before and this is considered a routine surgery, but when I removed all four wisdom teeth at once, it was a walking enemy compared to that.

Timmy A In his last post He also started his followers to find out why this surgery was finally needed. He said he had had tonsils for more than 5 years: he was constantly inflamed, and he was constantly on antibiotics because of it. And maybe the beginning of the problem goes back to 6 years ago, when “My mononucleosis, which was stiff (fever, fainting, etc.), has really become my tonsil since then.”

These foci can cause many problems, including joint problems, hair loss, skin diseases, and others. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure that’s why my hair is falling out because it’s on the verge of it. It started 4 years ago!

Timmy closed the post by noting the other side effects of the surgery, such as her unusually loud voice and hopes to return to her original tone of voice over time.

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