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Tina and Emilio are nervous about each other

There is hardly any such day Tina And the Emilio In his life when the kitchen remains intact. Moreover, there have been more and more times in a couple’s life lately when they were both working in the kitchen.

“The pandemic has changed our lives, and since we also launched an expensive fishing programme, we have been cooking more for the past year, for the benefit of the viewers as well. It is almost unusual when there is no cooking for bread. Happy Tina, who always savors her husband’s stew. – We are happy to show others what we have made. Emil also tastes a full bite, which is what I make and I used to test the drink as well. We give each other opinions, but that also includes not gardening. If something doesn’t work this way, we’ll tell the other one with unwavering honesty.” Tina admitted, she often competed with her husband in the kitchen.

Emilio and Tina (Image: Hit TV)

“We really like to eat, but we like to prepare food at least as much. wherever we go – If possible – we will certainly end up in the kitchen, where we would like to compare our knowledge. With us, the holiday can turn into a culinary duel at any time.” Added Tina, who last grabbed a wooden spoon on a trip to the Balatonfinves to prove she does better in the kitchen than her husband. While Tina and her assistant were making a gypsy steak, Emilio and his friend made tortillas.

In the end the last team won the duel, much to the delight of Emilio. “My friend Attila and I worked very well together, and no matter how much she wanted it, she couldn’t find anything to catch us. He was forced to admit that he was already flawless. Of course, he didn’t let it go, he was already starting to get organized next time. That we will clash again in the kitchen. Surely, I won’t let myself in, Emilio will push steam into the kitchen as well!” . said my dear familyin the singer.

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