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Tivadar Farkashazi’s response to Majka’s words

Tivadar Varkashazi doesn’t quite remember what happened like Majka, and has now spoken frankly about it.

Majka recently partisan youtube channel He was a guest, in which the weekly was discussed, among other things. Anu, the rapper, also appeared on the show and said that he hadn’t been called to the show more than once in nearly 10 years because he didn’t want to agree.

a Hints He went behind things and asked Tivadar Varkshazy what he thought of this and what Majka said about him, that he was usually a left-wing artist who could not accept anything that came from the right.

‘The glass was full at Majka when he said in neutral news: ‘So how do we get out of this how genius Viktor Urban is?’ Hints. “Teddy really got into it, and later Gyuri Onodi (Weekly Producer – Editor) didn’t want me to go too far. Because I wasn’t John sitting in his head. I promise this,” the article reads.

Farkshazy Hints He didn’t ask her more about Majka’s role in the show because her environment advised her not to. He cited Andras Stoll and Livius Varga as examples, then said that it was their decision, not the channel’s, because it was a week by week.

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The artist explained that he still respects and loves Majka, whom he described as very talented, but does not consider himself a leftist, as the rapper claims. Moreover, they have welcomed each other even now and hope that when they meet each other again, it will be like before.

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