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Todd Howard explained why Xbox exclusivity is a good thing for Starfield

This year’s E3 Xbox/Bethesda performance has been very encouraging. The company promises plenty of exclusive titles, plus you can’t complain about the quality. The biggest star of the evening was Starfield, and Todd Howard couldn’t help confirming that the game would be a Microsoft exclusive. This, of course, is not surprising, since Microsoft acquired ZeniMax, and almost all of Bethesda’s work so far is available in Game Pass, so deepening a good working relationship is nothing new during the day.

Howard was asked by the Telegraph what it was Okay That PlayStation doesn’t get a slice of Starfield’s cake, the answer really makes sense.

“You don’t want to miss anyone, do you? But at the end of the day, if you’re able to say yes, I want to do this game, I want to do it on these platforms, and then you can count on it, it’s sure to generate a better product. If one is focusing on certain platforms, one really needs to delve into them to bring the best together in these systems. […] We believe in the efforts of Xbox and Microsoft to make games available to more people.”

Howard also added that whether it’s Microsoft’s powerful services, computer access or cloud-based service, they all help Starfield build a huge player base. The Bethesda chief said Game Pass will also bring the game to more people, so it’s not about reducing the availability of sci-fi RPGs, it’s about increasing it exponentially.

These statements contradict what Howard said last fall He saidYou wouldn’t be able to imagine Elder Scrolls VI being a console exclusive. Of course, the other game, Starfield, will also be available on PC, and in the cloud, it can be played on any platform (if you can play the game), so you don’t have to be too strict.

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The working relationship between Xbox and Bethesda is certainly fruitful. The former can now finally show at the dawn of the new console generation that it can put exclusive titles like PlayStation on the desktop. And the latter can restore its reputation that has been badly damaged in recent years, as there were times when Bethesda was considered one of the best development teams. Anyway, Xbox has very ambitious plans for the cloud-based service, Game Pass has been filled with new looking games, and Bethesda now has a chance to realize their 25-year dream. These are certainly encouraging signs.

Starfield will be released on PC and Xbox Series X on November 11, 2022, and will also be included in Game Pass on the same day.