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Tokyo 2020: Christoph Rasovsky wins a silver medal in the 10 km race!

Thursday’s Tokyo Olympics got off to a great start from a Hungarian point of view: Kristof Rasovsky finished second in the men’s 10km open swim with a superb swim, winning the sixth silver medal and the 13th coin for the Hungarian delegation.

Kristof Rasovsky on his way to goal (Photo: Hédi Tumász)

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Swimming in the open water

Men, 10 km
1. Florian Willbrook (Germany) 1:48: 33.7
2 – Christoph Rasovsky (Hungary) 1:48: 59.0
3 – Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy) 1:49: 01.1

On the first measuring point after the start, Germany’s Florian Willbrück quickly led by 10 seconds, and Rasovsky, who was then fifth, began climbing to third at the end of the first 1.4 km lap, followed by Frenchman Marc Andre. Oliver.

By the end of the second lap, the Rasovszky duo had clearly reached the leading German, while the pitch was half a minute behind them. Roughly this was the moment a larger group of 4-5 chasers, led by Gregorio Baltrinieri, started to catch up, and the Italian trio followed the lead within ten seconds at the end of lap four, driving lap three anyway. , Rasovszky stood several times.

For the fifth round, it was decided that only a maximum of eight would compete for the medals, with Dutchman Ferry Wertmann, who was in ninth, and had a flaw of more than a minute. At the end of the fifth lap, after 7.2 kilometers, Rasovsky was second, three seconds behind Willbrook, but the trio of Germany, Hungary, France’s Paltrinieri, Greece’s Atanasios Konigakis and Israel’s Matan Roditi also arrived.

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On lap six, before the refresh, Rasovszky slipped back into fourth place – overtaken by Paltrinieri – but after the refreshment stop, the Hungarian boy was already second. A turn and a half before the end, Wilbrook and Rasovsky, who were leading the way, seemed to change their pace and try to separate from the others, falling victim to more than 15 seconds at the expense of Israel, France and Greece.

On the last lap Willbrook was able to accelerate his pace even more, which Rasovsky could no longer follow, but Paltrinieri couldn’t get very close to Rasovsky, who was in second place. On the other hand, the Italian started getting close to Christophe by opening his long hair 650m before the finish. At the last measuring point, 500m before the finish, Germany’s victory looked certain, and he had a 16sec advantage over Rassovsky, who got close behind Baltrinieri and started the 250m overtaking maneuver before the end. He had the sight of his voluminous hair against the silver – as Willbrook slowly reached the finish line.

However, Rasovszky was on the alert, changed his pace, and managed to keep the Italian behind with a body up to 100 meters before the end. However, the Italian’s long hair bounced back, Christophe managed to handle the finish better, and finally managed to catch the Italian behind him and hit the finish line in second!

We have the sixth silver medal for the Hungarian Olympic delegation in Tokyo!

Kristof Rasovsky could be delighted with the silver medal after a great swim (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)
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