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Tokyo 2020: Fanny Benichki prepares for Israel’s Holon Airport

Rhythmic gymnast Fanny Benichki will rehearse ahead of next week’s Tokyo Olympics in Holon, Israel.

Fanny Benicci will be rehearsing for the Olympics in Israel next week (Photo: Emre Voldi)

According to the Hungarian Federation, Thursday, the MTK Budapest athlete, after the European Championships in Varna, where he won the quota, gave a rest and took a state exam, and then began preparing for the Five Rings Games.

“We have reached the final stage of training, so in the near future I will be almost at home and in the room, creating a kind of quarantine and bubbles for ourselves.” He said candles.

He added that he wanted to show off his enhanced practices in Holon because he and his coaches wanted to see her compete. In the next two weeks, they’ll start switching to Japanese rhythm, which means they’ll arrive early for training and finish early, simulating their schedule in Tokyo.

Pigniczki will leave for the Japanese capital on July 29, where Erika Deutsch-Lazsányi, chair of the Hungarian Federation Technical Committee, will take up judge duties. Among other things, you can record Pigniczki’s exercise as a member of the artboard. Previously, scorers whose opponent did not participate in the match could sit on the jury.

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