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Tokyo 2020: I did well when I didn’t give up – Ana Karas

After years of difficulty due to injuries and restarts, this season has not started easily for Ana Karas either. The four-time world champion kayaker had to be in perfect physical shape, physically, technically and mentally, to be able to compete for the gold medal in Tokyo after a disappointment five years ago.

Anna Karas (Photo: Emre Fuldi)

– When he finished second in the B final at the briefing in early May, do you think he’ll start on two tracks in Tokyo?

“I tried not to think about what was going to happen, just to focus on the present. Although I struggled, I tried not to think about the negatives, but I thought it would be better – it wasn’t easy – four-time MVM Szeged kayak world champion Anna Karas admitted, which will compete in the Olympic Games in the K – 1200 and 4500 metres.

“Then, how did you get through the end of May picker?”
– I was afraid of how the competition would turn out, a few weeks before the start of the national team, I felt very far because I would be able to win the Olympic team at the crucial moment. Not running this year aiming for fourth place in the K-1500m, I was more hopeful in the winter. When we got home from training camp in the spring, I started to feel insecure – after the antecedents, fourth place was a great success.

“What happened in three weeks?”
“I’ve thought a lot about it, not knowing if it would come together in my mind, how it works. I struggled with myself day in and day out, but tried to stand up the next day so I wouldn’t feel bad about my past negative experiences. I’ve seen the key to success in strengthening myself mentally I also focused very heavily on technique.There was a point where I could only draw by myself, for the last few weeks I had to go out on the water on my own, which was just what I needed to piece together all the little details.

– If you have already mentioned that as a key factor, your coach, László Kovács, has been experiencing technical changes in recent years. How new is it, how old is your style?

– I don’t kayak differently indoors, but the feel is different. I noticed that when I wasn’t concentrating on my movement, the old nerves went out. I had a World Cup race in Szeged, where I rowed two ways, and I couldn’t decide which one was better. In the last two weeks before kayak I did a lot of mental training, the essence of which was to imagine the movement I would like to kayak. I got the score, in the end there was no doubt how I was going to argue. By the way, we also kept items from my old style.

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Five years ago, he met the selection criteria, but did not make it to the top four. Was this year’s team announcement satisfactory?
– After all, yes. This was proof that I did well when I didn’t give up despite the fact that the past 5 years have been very volatile and have brought so many situations that I could have turned my back on the whole thing. I was persistent and worked towards my goal and I achieved it – so that was fair. It wouldn’t be fair of life if I had pulled Luxor out again.

– He’s come a long way since 2016, suffering injuries, forced neglect, and restarts. What makes her significantly different from herself five years ago?
– What happened made me stronger. Looking back, it was a significant moment when I started working with a sports psychologist two and a half years ago – at the suggestion of my then coach, Miklos Simon. There was a lot of emphasis on sports in the co-working, but perhaps most importantly, with the help of Gabriella Gucci, I went through a great personal development, got to know myself better, which also affected my performance.

– The goal was to get into the quartet, and the boat of the Hungarian team took the gold in the games according to the collective opinions. For what purpose do you enter your single number starting machine, K-1,200 meters?

Each one is the tip of my heart, a gift I am very happy with. The setting of the two numbers is well compatible as they complement each other. I have the speed in the race, and I would be happy to be closer to the finish line to Dóra Lucz than I was in the pickup. If things go together, I might have one of the first six places I’d be very happy with.

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Carrington starts on four tracks
New Zealander Lisa Carrington began performing all four songs in Tokyo, earning Anna Karas acclaim: “It’s a very ‘difficult’ thing that Lisa does. It’s quite a challenge to start in every 500m as well as the K-1200m, but if anyone is able Over the competition in this program, that’s his. It definitely helps that the kayak races are delivered on time, so you can have more time to refresh than usual, and of course it will still be a big deal. Seeing his performance in recent years, there is no doubt in that he would be physically able to withstand it. In all numbers, great attention must be paid to him and the NZUs, as they are thirsty for success.”