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Tokyo 2020: It has been decided that there can be no ultimate galactic dream of swords

The finality of the Hungarian dream cannot be proven in the individual fights of the male sword: Áron Szilágyi and András Szatmári are already fighting against each other – if they get there.

Two-time Olympic champion Zillagi takes the first step against Japan’s Joseda Kinto (Photo: Hédi Tumbász, Archive)

On Friday, the draw for the men’s singles sword competition was held in Tokyo, and therefore it was decided that there would definitely not be a Hungarian Final, because Áron Szilágyi and András Szatmári were on a branch, In addition to the world champion in this branch O Szang United Kingdom Strongest – I mean based on the rankings, that is, you will definitely have to fight against the South Korean class for the final.

Of course, you have to get there…

By the way, the galactic sod can be created earlier on Saturday, since Tamas Desi And Sato Mari You can meet on the second turn (this is the third round on paper, because there is a board of 64 holes, so first four donkeys are arranged, then the thirty-second board is formed) – for this, the German board is formed Max Hartongut, The latter must defeat the Iranian Ali Pakman

Needless to say, Tamas Deisy will have a tougher time, as Hartung is a world and European champion and holds the world number one rankings.

Szilágyi’s opponent in the first round is the Japanese Joseda Kento and Venezuela Jose Quintero It will also be the winner. An unpleasant memory may appear here for many, as the Japanese boy who defeated Zilaghy was among 32 at the 2019 World Championships in Budapest.

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a program

men individual sword فرد
2.00: Table 64
4.55: Table 32
7.35: Eighth Finals
8.55: Quarter-finals
12.00: semi final
13.20: for third place
14.14: finals

National Sports reports on the venue: Erica Smith, Stephen Mirko, Nedilikov, Tamas Andras Socks, Heidi Tombach