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Tokyo 2020: Our five-a-side players are on top after the round

With the ranking stage in fencing, the fights of the pentathlons at the Tokyo Olympics began. Two Hungarians, Michel Golias and Sarulta Kovacs, are also on the field, and they finished with 20 victories and 15 defeats.

Michel Golias (left) and Sarulta Kovacs finished the tour with 20 wins and 15 defeats (Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI)

The Hungarian girls tied for sixth place in the 36-member field on this scale and scored 220 points for their performance. The race continues tomorrow with swimming (7.54, 8.00), extra fencing (8.45), riding (10.15) and the combined number (12.30).

“Basically, it wasn’t a bad fence from any of the girls. Michel Goulash’s face showed insecurity and excitement at first, but the shower came and that shyness broke out, and I started to fight very well. He already went with five more hits, after which an interesting situation developed Kovács Saci started badly, ie he won one of his donkeys, and lost the other in the set round. He was actually struggling really hard with that number, and working right for that score, which for him means he’s competing for the podium. And he was not sure, and could not find himself, but he managed to get himself out of this situation, though his fence was more undulating than Michele’s duel, Sassi won two Hamrin and then lost two, and walked to twenty wins by this line for him, That number means he has to put in an extra amount on the runway to finish at the scoring point, but it’s an Olympic cycle where anything can happen, we’ll see on Friday who can handle the risks, the pressure and the heat and who’s going to be lucky on the equestrian circuit.” – Tell Ákos KállaiWomen’s Federal Captain.

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“I have a feeling of inferiority because I needed so little to get a very good fence that I could be among the prospects now. Can’t say twenty inches nor my position is bad either, unfortunately I had a hole in one or two sides, but I don’t want to regret it We will discuss that number with my coach now, shut it down and put it somewhere in myself because the race will continue tomorrow.” He told our newspaper Sarolta Kovacs.

“It’s a decisive duel in the top five, I definitely wanted to fight for an extra advantage, and it worked, which is very good, and as you can see, the playing field is scattered. I want to stay mentally centered to keep going. I feel like I’m in good shape and now the numbers come in I’m really good “ He thought goulash michael.

Even during the day, from 9:30 there will be a men’s tour with Robert Kasha and Adam Maroussi representing our colors.