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Tokyo 2020: Team Bota withdrew, our women’s singles finished

In the second round of the women’s singles, Swiss Rachel Moreh beat Georgina Botta 4: 1 in the table tennis tournament at the Tokyo Olympics, which means that fights in this number will continue without the Hungarians.

The substitution stopped in the singles (Photo: AFP)

Rank 30 Puta Georgina Only in the women’s second round, he joined the fight in Tokyo, and here the stakes were already in the top 32. On the other side of the table in the first round was Rachel Moreh of Switzerland, who beat Brazilian Jessica Yamada 4:2, the paper format was more in favor of the two-time European champion, although it should not be forgotten that Póta returned a month after a recent miss .

The first match was remarkably familiar to the room and conditions – in this respect, Moret, who was already playing, had an advantage – he swam away, but in the supplemental part, Póta seemed to find himself: in the second set, 6:2, then he got a 9 :5, he had two set-pieces at 10:8, but the Swiss equalized from here so they took the lead, plus he won the match with a very lucky point at 13:12. When he added the next set with impetus, Póta, who had put himself in the fourth set, was in an increasingly desperate situation, and managed to embellish it. However, the alien roller coaster brought a more extreme sequel: On the fifth stage, Moret took the lead 8:1, caught up with Botta in 9:9, and then, when he seemed to have a psychological advantage, the Swiss finished the clash by two points.

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With Póta’s defeat, we had no other contender in the women’s singles, so we bid farewell to Tokyo with that number after the mixed doubles. In the men’s singles, Pence Majoros, who will be on the table on Monday, is still competing, and we will also be interested in the women’s team competition that will start on August 1.

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Rachel Moreh (Swiss)-Póta Georgina 4:1 (9, 12, 7, -7, 9)