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Tom Holland says that Spider-Man can suppress Wolverine, but this condition must be met

Tom Holland believes that Spider-Man will defeat the Wolverines, at least if the mutant is as old as we saw in Logan. We will not take poison either, but the English actor also admits that a young weaver would not stand a chance against a weaver for several reasons.

“I was going to pay that old man [Logant]. [De ha] The X-Men: Wolverine will be from beginnings, he’ll extend it”– Holland joked In a promotional interview on No Way Home, he admitted that the Wolverines at full strength would always defeat Spider-Man because he fights better. “And Spider-Man doesn’t kill, but Wolverines do. It’s a huge advantage in combat. I don’t think Peter Parker would kill Wolverine. Especially not Hugh Jackman.”

Hugh Jackman starred as Wolverines of Marvel Comics in several films between 2000 and 2017, while the last movie, Logan, was in principle his farewell, so he has little chance of fighting MCU’s Spider-Man once. However, there is a possibility that the mutated team in the X-Men films will be linked to the MCU after that, at least the Marvel Studios boss was referring to something like this these days, and even the classic Wolverine could come up if Jackman makes a comeback.

Spider-Man’s future in the MCU is also uncertain, as this Marvel hero has movie rights to Sony Pictures and has only been loaned by Marvel Studios for up to three singles (and a few guest appearances), and No Way Home will be third in the Layout. Although producer Amy Pascal recently spoke of an ongoing collaboration between studios, Holland says it’s not at all certain that this will actually be the case.

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So there’s a lot of uncertainty around Marvel’s home, but Spider-Man is known to hit Hungarian cinemas on Thursday: There’s no way to go home where the web’s superhero will have to battle the Wolverines, but with many more known villains.