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Tom Holland started pushing Venom 2 and even spread rumors about it with a shovel

Attention! The article could be spoilers about Venom 2. – Véronto, which arrives in Hungarian cinemas only on October 14.

Spider-Man is currently considered heroic in the MCU in Tom Holland’s lineup, but many of the characters from Spider-Man comics can be seen in Sony’s Marvel universe, which currently consists of just two films: The Veno of 2018 and the upcoming movie only to us. Two weeks, but Venom 2. – Bloodletting, which has been shown in cinemas abroad (and performed very well) these days. Coming to those is Morbius in January 2022, and then Kraven, the hunter, in 2023, but maybe not the last time we saw Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, who shared his body with Venom.

The rumors have been going around for a while now that you don’t have to wait long for the two movie franchises (Sony Spider-Man Universe and MCU) to meet, and of course Dutch Spider-Man could be the Connected One (MCU) The Spider-Man movies are also being produced in collaboration with Sony on any case). Hardy himself has talked about doing anything to create a crossover, but second Venom director Andy Serkis warned fans to be patient: He thinks there are a lot of great characters in the comics that we’d miss if we put Venom with Spider-Man right away.

Anyway, Holland has now congratulated Hardy, Serkis, and studio Sony on the success of the second Venom explosion in an Instagram story, and the young king of spoilers couldn’t help but react vaguely to the rumors surrounding the crossover.

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Image source: Tom Holland Instagram page / ScreenRant

“Tonight is the big night. I can’t wait to see it [a Venom 2-t]. Congratulations to Andy Serkis, Tom Hardy and Sony Pictures. Are the rumors true? Holland wrote to the movie poster. The answer to that question can be found in this highly spoiled article.