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Tooth Gabi has thrived since I became a mother

Chef Gábor Krausz was not only involved in yesterday’s fundraising, but also Gabby Tooth Also, they both felt that On the initiative of TV2 They have to say yes. Whoever gave everything in their lands, Krausz A. Safe and secure He provided an experience dinner with his team, and the show with Frigyes Vomberg and András Wolf prepared their wonderful menu. The singer performed a folk song and, as she told the presenter, her daughter also led her down the path of performing folk music again.

Andrea Farconi felt like an ice queen next to Gabe Tooth (Image: Pressroom)

“I don’t usually see you in clothes like that. Now we sit here a bit like a spring fairy and an ice queen.” Andrea Farconi praised Gabe Tooth’s look and, according to the singer, she wanted to show her love for pop songs and her fresh start here with this floral set of white dresses.

“My little daughter was a very big affirmation because she doesn’t really allow me to sing anything other than folk music. (…) He chooses so much that he only carries folk songs from me.”

Gabi revealed that the past year and a half was about attachment, renewal, and his family, and if he had to see good in evil, then he highlighted: With her husband in a threesome They formed an alliance and forged them further. Her daughter taught her to learn to focus on the little things again, so that she can have fun too.

“Motherhood has taken nothing back from me, in fact! I live things so intensely. What motherhood does for a woman is that the world changes from selfishness to a beautiful objective reality. (…) It is a huge miracle for us already that Hanarossa could have entered our lives. “Whoever reads my blog posts knows why I say it. Of course, we’re happy if we can expand, and I believe in God-given providence in the current situation and everything will be as it should be.”

Gabi Tóth's floral dress symbolizes a new beginning

A floral dress by Gaby Tooth symbolizes a new beginning (Image: Pressroom)

I sing to you about fundraising:

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