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Top 7 Signs of Strong Sexual Attraction – You Can Actually See Them While Dating – Call

During dates, it is worth paying attention to the behavior and body language of the other, as they tell a lot about everything. Among other things, you can read about when you feel a strong sexual attraction to your partner.

Although everyone is different and everyone reacts and reacts differently, in most cases there are key signs that tell us that parties are strongly attracted to each other, including spark and chemistry. We’ll tell you what they are.

Signs of strong sexual attraction

eye contact

Strong and long eye contact is not only a sign of attraction, but it also represents genuine interest, and it helps two people to be more open to each other. If you notice that the other is looking deeply into your eyes, watching you, or even your pupils dilating, they are really interested in you.


If there is a spark between the two parties, it is usual that they desire closeness and touch from each other. If possible, they sit next to each other, pull them close, touch their hands, touch each other. They try to increase physical contact and familiarity with her.


Dating frenetic due to attraction is full of flirtation. Whether it’s flirtatious looks or gestures, praise, compliments, or faint sexual innuendos, they all show that the chemistry between the two people is strong.

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A lot of laughter

When the parties feel an overwhelming attraction, it makes the general mood of the date mainly positive. Because they feel so good in each other’s company, they smile and laugh a lot and don’t have to forcefully bring out their kind reflexes. In addition, if someone likes their dating partner, they usually find it funnier and more enjoyable.

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Conversations with questions

When parties are really interested and attracted to each other, they don’t have to think about what topics to bring up to avoid awkward silences. In this case, conversations become more natural, easier, questions almost fall out, as partners want to know as much as possible about each other.

embarrassing parties

Although the connection goes smoothly, there is usually a bit of confusion at times like these – precisely because of the strong attraction. If a person finds the other very much in their cause, they can rarely avoid the occasional embarrassment, especially during compliments or questions. So, zigzag, tangled sentences, often mean good looks.

open body language

If you have chemistry, body language also tells you: Open situations are typical rather than closed ones. The limbs also turn to each other with their torso and feet, do not cross arms, and do not put their legs on top of each other. It is often the case that they imitate each other’s movements, which is also a sign of strong sympathy.

No signs of chemistry

For many, chemistry is a necessary thing between two people, as it not only provides fire and raw passion, but also provides the foundations for bonding, intimacy, and a happy relationship. It is true that if there is no small spark between the two parties at first, it is worth considering whether it makes sense to continue. If you notice the following during the first few encounters, there is no sign of chemistry.