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Top WWE officials announce the return of Rhonda Rouse and Peggy Lynch – “WWE Money 2021 in the Bank” and “WWE Backlash 2021” suspended – 9pm tonight: “NXT UK: Prelude”

– WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Con promoted Week 37 of WrestleMania on The Colin Cohort podcast on Wednesday. On that occasion, he revealed that Rhonda Rouse and Becky Lynch will definitely return to WWE in the future. Regarding Lynch, Khan said he would return from maternity leave in the very distant future, while describing the return of a Rouse as “at some point”. Of course, this begs the question of whether Rhonda Rousseau’s contract, which expires on April 10, 2021, has already been extended.

– The first two paid shows after “WrestleMania 37” are now discontinued. According to PWInsider, “WrestleMania 37” will be held on May 16, 2021 at this year’s “Money in the Bank” PBV. This is the first BPV in the new Thunderdome at the Yuenling Center in Tampa, Florida. It will continue with “Backlash” on June 14, 2021.

– Tonight from 9pm German time, there will be a special edition of the British NXT brand “NXT UK: Preface” on the show. Three matches have been announced for the show. At the main event, Walter will risk its WWE NXT United Kingdom Championship against Rampage Brown. In addition, Tyler Pad and Nom Thar will face each other in a traditional trophy rules competition in which the winner will soon receive a chance at the Heritage Cup from A-Kid. The card pair was completed by NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dan vs. Miko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie. The current sequence is as follows:

WWE „NXT: UK # 139: Preface“
Venue: BD Sports Studios, London, United Kingdom
First Broadcast: April 8, 2020
Time: 21 hrs C.E.T.

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WWE NXT United Kingdom Champion
Tag Team Match
Walter (e) vs. Rampage Brown

Traditional Cup Rules Competition
Tyler Bad (w / Trend Seven) vs. Noam Dor (w / Shaw Samuels)

Tag Team Match
Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dan Versus Miko Satomura & Emilia McKenzie

Also announced for the event:
Promos von Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin and Ilza Drakunov.

Quellen: The Colin Cohort Podcast,

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