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Toroczkai finds Orbán’s mixed-race speech good, and that’s exactly what they like about Magyar Sziget

László Toroczkai, Chairman Mi Hazánk, in Parliament on June 8, 2022

Photo: Dániel Németh / 444

A by-election is taking place in Osutalm, in principle, the Telex asked Laszlo Turochkai, chief Mai Hazank, mayor of the settlement, about this. Toroczkai ended up talking about everything he could think of, but not about Ásotthalom at all.

The party chief stated that he thought he was from Tusnádfürdő race reflection He would have easily gone to the Hungarian island ten years ago – In those yearswhen thousands really went to the Radical Meeting and dared to say harsh things.

Toroczkai found the content of the text to be good, but according to him, Orbán did not really believe what he was saying, and his aim was only to divert attention from the economic problems and the coming austerity, and he expressed this sharply. of political calculations.

“Urban used expressions in his speech that were used 100 years ago – since Indre Ade also wrote about races – but not so today,” the party leader said, not continuing to line about who used the expression later in Europe and for what purpose.

According to Turochkai, “There has always been a certain amount of mixing of races in history, and the problem only arises if there is a huge and planned political will behind it.”

Going back to austerity, one of the central figures in the 2006 protests – from what it seems bends In order to cooperate with the government – he also said that this time he did not want violent events to happen on the streets of Budapest: “I don’t want a Hungarian policeman to be beaten.”

He also criticized the authorities: he said, for example, that they wanted to tax casinos and increase the public burden on the oligarchs who depend on politics.

Turochkai’s self-confidence has increased significantly since his party entered Parliament, and in fact, the poll by Median Get out To form the most popular opposition: “I do not want to deal with such dwarf parties as the LMP and Jobbik anymore. They have no future.” (telex)

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