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Total Car – Magazine – A sports car from the sixties says a lot about the potential future

Of course, it is not surprising in itself that someone would convert an old sports car into an electric car, since the result is usually much faster, much cleaner and quieter than the original. It’s nothing new that Everrati does this, because we’ve already seen something like this from them.

Interestingly, the twin-engine electric motor, capable of delivering about 800 hp and containing a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery, made the car hardly heavier. The GT40 was originally about 7 liters in capacity. It had a V8 engine of 480 horsepower and a dry weight of about 1.2 tons. This increased with electric propulsion, but the change is not so dramatic: the electric version has become 1.3 tons, which means that gasoline with full refueling will not be an advantage.

And this suggests that, contrary to appearances, it is not impossible to lightly build an electric car, despite the fact that most of these machines struggle with seriously overweight. It also means, for example, with the GT40, that the electric motor will not only lose power in the straight direction, but it will not lose power when cornering.

It is not yet known what the specific GT40 will cost, but it is clearly not cheap: such a car is not available with a gasoline engine for less than 1.1-1.2 million euros, but this unit was not only redesigned for electric propulsion, but also completely renovated. In other words, it’s definitely worth a fortune, not even less. Plus, there’s another excellent ad by Everrati that deals with such unique electrical conversions: They’ve done one. from Porsche 911also from the Land Rover Defender and Mercdes 280SL.

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