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Total Car – Magazine – Ford built an electric F-100 platform

From its light gray paintwork and dull copper stripes, you can already guess the 1978 Ford F-100 was untouched, but the rims of the 19-inch clone discs are also pretty good for a modern flattop that does nothing. It has a single piston, as well as a PTO shaft and differential.

As is usual with American manufacturers, Ford also offers a V8 that can be purchased on its own and other things that are then used to upgrade your old Mustang. Now, however, new times are rolling in and not only the gasoline-starved blocks were powered by an electric motor called the Eluminator, the F-100 concept.

For $3900, a 280-horsepower electric motor is offered with 430 Nm of torque, two of which went to old flats like Mustang Mach-E GT performance-in a. So the all-wheel drive system has 480 hp and 860 Nm. He could not deny that he inherited everything from the Mach-E, and this is traced mostly in the interior, where a modern steering wheel, a digital instrument cluster and a huge touch screen tablet in portrait format are placed.

The Ford Eluminator is ideal for converting classic sports cars or modern trucks to electric, paving the way for zero emissions. Restomod from direction.

Find out what the electric Mustang Mach-E GT looks like if you don’t have flats:

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