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Total Car – Magazine – Guinness World Records mileage record A shipment went on a Toyota Mirai

Toyota hydrogen car traveled record distance in Southern California, The second generation of Mirai. On one charge – it lasted about 5 minutes – we managed to cover 1,360 kilometers.

The journey began from the Toyota Technical Center in Gardena, with Wayne Gerdis at the wheel, a hypermiler (The goal of hypermilers is to cover the longest possible distances with the least amount of fuel possible) and on the right was his partner Bob Winger. On the first day we were able to travel 761 kilometers: they reached San Ysidro, south of the starting point, and from there they turned, returning to Gardena via Santa Monica and Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway. The attempt to score continued into the next day, as the pair completed another 598 miles on the Los Angeles-Orange County highway, often in rush hour traffic.

Bringing average consumption to 152 mpg, converted to nearly 1.5 liters, it’s also a better result than the 142 mpg top-of-the-line Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD tested by US authorities. Along the way, the Mirai consumed 5.65 kg of hydrogen with no domestic emissions, while a car equipped with a normal internal combustion engine would have produced about 301 kg of CO2 over the same period.

Despite the record, the future of hydrogen technology remains in doubt: the technology is terribly complex and ultimately not efficient enough, the charging grid is almost invisible to the eye, while competing electric cars are becoming more prevalent.

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