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Total Car – Magazine – Hyundai Elantra IN

I have no idea what Hyundai designers are consuming these days, but lately they’ve been frantically painting cool cars. The Ionic 5There are all the pretty retro elements, so even though it’s very futuristic, I find it hard to believe in its physical presence. Then there’s the soon-to-be Ioniq 6, which becomes a reality prophecy, which blocks animals on the ground with its light, pebble-like shape. These, in turn, are all electric cars. True, at least there are some things that make it easy to wish for a quiet and whispered future. On the other hand, the Elantra N is a regular sports sedan.

Norbi Michelisz also competes with the polished version of this one, but the street version doesn’t stand out at all. The Elantra N boards look as if they were folded out of paper. There are interesting chipped edges and corners all over the place and in that sense, the dimensions of the four-door with front wheels would suddenly be desirable.

It is already i30 isThere was also a feeling that the sport’s engineers took the job seriously and that the Elantra N also promised a lot of good. Its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine puts out 280 hp (it also blows 290 with overcharging) and has 395 Nm of torque. It accelerates to 100 in 5.3 seconds and has a traditional top speed of 250 km / h. Hyundai promises that the audio experience won’t disappoint you either, the Elantra N will roar and hit just right.

The six-speed manual transmission is equipped with carbon fiber synchronous rings and a 7-speed automatic dual-clutch n turning smile (overcharge for 20 seconds), N energy transfer And the N Trace sensory transformation Offers modes. n differential carving corner They include what Hyundai means with an electronically controlled, self-locking differential.

1.7 kg was saved by incorporating half-axles into the root axle, similar to WRC racing cars. This is more efficient and more resistant to more severe lateral acceleration forces. It has stiffer struts, a reinforced chassis and adaptive shock absorbers.

It has a large black grille with a scattered grille in which the headlights are almost hidden. A red stripe runs along the splitter and skirts, as it is sporty and ends with two defined strokes and a stylish rear wing. As an option in the passenger compartment, the shells lowered by 10 millimeters and the red start button on the steering wheel, as well as the small blue mode selectors, are impressive display elements.

The onboard system menu has a cycle timer, but more importantly it also shares data such as water temperature, oil temperature and turbocharger pressure. From this point of view, they seem to have really thought about those who commute with him on weekdays but get their Michelin Pilot Sport 4S right on the track on the weekends.

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