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Total Car – Magazine – Mercedes super-efficient study promised for January

before we heard About a Mercedes study called the EQXX, which began to be advertised as being able to travel from Beijing to Shanghai for a single cost. According to the latest preview, this is achieved not with a huge battery, but with an exceptionally low power consumption.

Based on a recent preview, it appears Mercedes has targeted single-digit consumption figures below 10 kWh/100 km with the EQXX. This would be a huge step forward, since today’s most efficient mass-produced electric cars consume about 14 kWh per hundred kilometers. This requires significantly lower drag values ​​as well as powertrain efficiency – a value below the EQS factor of 0.2 was targeted, according to Mercedes’ preview.

We can only find out more about the capabilities of the EQXX at the time of the presentation, but for now at least the date is no secret: on January 3rd, possibly at CES 2022, we will be able to find out more about the kind that Mercedes is said to be all departments, including AMG, that participated in drive development.

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